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There is something cool that Addteq does every other Friday. We turn down the lights, set up some snacks, tap the keg and come together for a brag session. We call this Beer and Brag Fridays.

To keep people interested, we limit the amount of presenters to two in a session. We also decided to give the person with the most wins, based off of a set criteria, will win $1,000 cash for their next vacation! This gets everyone in the company excited and even more interested in bragging to the team. We make sure to keep the topics open, but work related, to allow people to feel like they can talk about whatever it is they are working on. We don't want to assume that one project is more important than the other. 

This tradition has grown since it's first days. We see that more people are showing full investment in what they are working on and they love it. When you love your work, you want to tell everyone about it. 

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How was Beer & Brag Created?

Addteq created Beer & Brag Fridays to bring the team together, wind down on a Friday and to brag about the latest developments within the team. Sukhbir Dhillon, founder of Addteq, thought that if all of the Addteq teams could come together and "brag" about what has been worked on, there would be a better understanding of how each team works together. Other then offering a goal to get people to work towards, we offer the team beer, because hey, why not? It is Friday! When asking Sukhbir the reason we give beer, he said, "people always brag after a drink or two. So, why not brag about their code after some drinks and make this world a better place."


How does it help our Business & IT Teams?

Business Teams

Beer & Brag Fridays has helped a lot of the individuals on the business team, in gaining a deeper knowledge and expertise of the tools that allow Addteq to tick. Having an Atlassian expert present in-front of the entire team allows us to ask the questions that we can only get answered from the technical side. This allows to us to broaden our knowledge of the technical tools and practices, which is incredibly valuable to an IT business team. "Being able to see, first hand, the projects that the Dev & IT teams work on, allow me to better understand the technologies and the practices behind them. Being from a non-technical background, I notice that I am better able to understand how DevOps tools and practices work," said Jaclyn DePinho, marketing specialist at Addteq.

It also is a valuable experience to see the different capabilities of our own teams through their own work. This, in-turn, allows us to reassure our clients that anything is possible when Addteq is your chosen DevOps service providers.

IT Teams

The IT Teams at Addteq benefit from Beer & Brag Friday's a lot of different ways. The teams are able to see what each other are working on. This helps the IT teams to visually see what everyone is working on and how each team contributes to the finished project.  

The IT team is constantly working on new and interesting solutions to problems that are faced by our customers. We also constantly work on automating our internal setup and activities. Everyone in the IT team gets to work on a variety of these areas but it is not possible for everyone to experience all of it. "The Friday Beer and Brag session is a casual atmosphere where we can talk about some recent key technical achievements and get some peer feedback, which is great for everyone. Personally this is my favorite thing I look forward to every other week we organize this," said Himanshu Chhetri, CTO of Addteq. It also helps to bridge the divide between the IT and non-IT teams to communicate what real world problems are being solved by the team.


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