What is Office Admin?

As you may have seen in our previous blogs, Office Admin is an Atlassian Confluence add-on. With the innovative Floor Plan and Profile features, Office Admin is your go to add-on for organizing your office. A virtual office right in Confluence. This add-on allows you to create flow diagrams & interactive floor plans easily and organize profile fields and images like never before.

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What is the Profile Feature of Office Admin?

The profile section of Confluence has an important role for anyone, it creates a first impression for the visitor. Currently, Confluence provides some fields that allow the user to add information about themselves. The Profile feature of Office Admin enhances the functionality of Confluence's current profile page, by providing the freedom to customize fields and the user interface.


How does this feature work?

The administrator of your Confluence instance can customize the template of the profile page for everyone in an organization. The admin can fully customize the profile page with their choice of auto generated or full custom fields. The creation of a custom profile page is very simple and is divided into 3 areas. The "Your Form" section is first section where the current profile components are listed. The next are is the Drag & Drop section. This is where the generic elements of form exist and the admin just needs to drag & drop elements like; textbox, dropdown list, text area, checkbox, radio button, user picker and date. Once the item is placed in the "Your Form" section, the admin can change the values of its name, to customize the form to what they would like present in a user's profile. .The third are is the Removed Item section.  The Confluence administrator can remove the fields by dragging them from the "Your Form" section to the removed section. The items in the "Your Form" section can be rearranged by simply moving them up and down, using drag and drop.

Below is the animation of profile features to create the form. 


Below image shows the completed user's profile in Confluence.

image2016-8-31 10:37:32.png

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