Atlassian Bamboo is a continuous integration and delivery tool that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow. It works great alongside JIRA and Bitbucket providing a fully traceable deployment pipeline. Bamboo add-ons have also had a great year for Atlassian, the Marketplace and expert creators, along with the other add-ons mentioned in this series. Bamboo was created by Atlassian for automation and with the following add-ons, you can really expand the usability of Bamboo. We do exactly that here at Addteq. With that, we would like to share our favorite Bamboo add-ons for 2016.


Sonar for Bamboo

Sonar for Bamboo allows you to analyze projects with Sonar for Maven, Gradle and SonarRunner. Run any Bamboo build tasks for analyzing projects with SonarQube. Support auto-branching for Sonar-based code reviews and builds with Maven, Gradle and SonarQube Runner. Perform code reviews with pull requests based on Sonar by automatically setting Sonar's branch property with the used Bamboo plan branch. Automatically rewrite branch names to be compliant with Sonar's project naming restrictions. Handle multiple Sonar settings. Include build breaker functionality to fail the build if the configured SonarQube quality gates fail.

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Maven POM Value Extractor

Extract values from Maven POMs and keep your Bamboo variables in sync with your Maven POM. Maven POM Value Extractor provides a build task to automate the exchange between Maven and Bamboo. Extract any custom variables from the POM by using JavaBean syntax. You can choose the scope of the variables to be either a Job, Result, or the Plan. The GAV can automatically be extracted into Maven variables. You can automatically extract your artifact's GAV or "query" the POM to extract arbitrary values.

Learn about Maven's POM Value Extractor


Pre-Post Build Command Runner

Pre-Post Build Command Runner allows you to run a command before a build runs or when a build passes or fails. The command could be executed before build as pre-command or after the build as post-command. The command could be executed either on Bamboo server machine or on Bamboo agent machine. Create a separate thread for the command. Result of the command can be used to determine the result of the build. Additional commands can be executed on a build failure. The pre and post commands are specified on the Miscellaneous Job Configuration page. The output is logged to the Bamboo log file.

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Tasks for AWS

Provision and operate Amazon Web Services resources from Bamboo build and deployment projects. Tasks for AWS allows you to deploy apps and services with CodeDeploy, Elastic Beanstalk and OpsWorks. Provision and run ECS containers (Docker) and Lambda functions. Operate EC2 instances, images, EBS snapshots and transfer S3 objects. Provision CloudFormation stacks to manage your AWS infrastructure as code. Inject Bamboo variables into the template parameters and reuse variables from stack outputs in subsequent tasks. Transfer Amazon S3 objects to store assets or to deploy build artifacts to AWS services. Use job artifacts or Ant patterns to select local files and directories and also use key prefixes to select Amazon S3 object hierarchies. 

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Addteq Stix

Stix allows you to perform bamboo functions from anywhere. Untether from your desk, check stats during off hours, and balance tasks more efficiently. Ability to search your projects, take a deeper dive to find your most recent builds. Drill down to a level of the changes that caused the build. Remotely determine the stats of your build history by tracking success, failure, and unknown statuses. Use graphical view for builds in a project, or dial down to see individual releases in chronological order.

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Sauce OnDemand for Bamboo

Sauce OnDemand for Bamboo provides an integration between Bamboo builds and Sauce Labs. Make it easier to integrate testing in the Sauce Labs browser cloud with Bamboo. Embed Sauce reports within your Bamboo test results. Provide a user interface that lets you populate Bamboo environment variables that can be used in your tests. Configure your Bamboo build to specify the browser combinations. Automatically launch Sauce Connect when you enable it for a project. Configure user name and password within the Administration interface.

Learn about Sauce OnDemand

Feel free to comment below to tell us your favorite Bamboo add-ons of 2016.