Just like our previous blog where we shared our favorite Confluence add-ons in 2016, JIRA add-ons have also had a fantastic year for Atlassian, the Marketplace and expert creators. JIRA by itself is a great tracking tool, with these add-ons, your team is able to maximize JIRA's features.

Here is a list of our favorite JIRA add-ons of 2016.


Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets makes time tracking in JIRA easy and accurate. Log work using the calendar view on your browser, directly from a JIRA issue, the real-time tracker gadget, or the mobile app, to track work on the go. Create custom reports for all of your work in JIRA. Use filters to pare down your report until it only shows the data that you want. This way of grouping the data allows you to drill down and display the meaningful information you need. Analyze and capture high-level information of all work performed across your business. With distinct accounts, you gain better visibility of all activities and work performed for different cost centers. Here at Addteq, we use Tempo Timesheets for logging work and creating time tracking based reports. Tempo Timesheets has provided painless time tracking, flexible reports, better overview of work spent for billing and payroll, and account management for JIRA; which makes this add-on one of our favorites for 2016.

Learn about Tempo Timesheets


Zephyr for JIRA- Test Management

Zephyr augments JIRA capabilities with cost-effective and sophisticated test management. Full featured test management is integrated into JIRA with the same look and feel, allowing you to track software quality and make empowered on-the-go decisions. Here at Addteq, we leverage Zephyr to build test execution cycles, monitor quality, track testing metrics, execute tests and link defects all within the same seamless integrated interface. Keep everyone updated to make more informed decisions and ship high quality software on-time. With customers like Honda, Starz, Hyundai, and Fujitsu, Zephyr clearly makes its way to our list of favorite JIRA add-ons for 2016. 

Check out Zephyr's Test Management Add-on


Portfolio for JIRA

Portfolio for JIRA, by Atlassian, enables you to plan and forecast a realistic roadmap, make data-informed decisions when the unexpected happens, and keep everyone in the know. Create a real-time agile portfolio plan for all your JIRA projects so you have one roadmap and visibility across all teams. Forecast release dates based on estimates so you can optimize your team's schedule in real-time and you'll know when you can actually deliver. Manage your teams' velocity and team member availability so you can account for any resource variability in your plan. Review “what-if” scenarios by quickly visualizing the impact of trade-offs decisions. Commit when your happy with the changes otherwise revert back to your original plan. Set business goals and track progress to make sure you execute your strategy and keep everyone aligned to the same priorities. Get a graphical overview of your plan sliced the way you want it, so that everyone is on the same page. The agile portfolio management tool built for JIRA earns a spot in our favorite JIRA add-ons of 2016.

Atlassian's Portfolio for JIRA


Capture for JIRA

Snap and annotate screenshots and add detailed, visual feedback with Capture for JIRA, by Atlassian. From UI and web designs to feedback on sales and marketing content, Capture for JIRA was built for every team. Create and archive screenshots of any content, anywhere, without ever leaving your browser window. Communicate feedback clearly with easy-to-use annotation tools and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Create and record exploratory and collaborative testing sessions for a faster and more efficient review process. A deep JIRA integration provides a quick and painless way to ensure feedback is prioritized and implemented. This visual feedback add-on snaps onto our favorite add-ons of 2016 for it's ability to work for any team.

Learn about Atlassian's JIRA Capture


Create on Transition

Automatically create JIRA issues or subtasks, right from your workflow using Create on Transition, by Bob Swift. You can automatically set labels, add links, set watchers, copy attachments, and add a comment based on workflow conditions. Use JQL to prevent the creation of duplicate issues. Decide whether an issue should be created or not based on issue field values. Leverage information from the original or parent issue to power what you need to happen. Create on Transition automatically gets a spot on our favorite add-ons of 2016.

View the Create on Transition Description


Insight Asset Management

Increase governance, reduce operational risk and improve asset utilization with proactive asset management. Insight Asset Management, by Riada, provides dependency mapping and impact analysis. Drill down the object types to find the asset you want to associate your JIRA issue to. The Insight Asset Manager has search, filtering capabilities, CMDB functionality and custom fields. Integrate this add-on with JIRA Service Desk to enable asset selection in the customer portal. Insight Asset Management unleashes the power of Enterprise Asset Management within JIRA in our 2016 favorite add-ons.

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Insight Discovery

Insight Discovery, by Riada, provides enterprise network scanning with automated asset discovery and dependency mapping. Get the understanding you need to make the right decisions with asset visualization. Get notified and/or create JIRA issues if a server becomes unresponsive or a license is up for renewal. Insight Discovery has scaleability, encryption on traffic, support for Groovy scripts & HTTP requests and is capable with segregated secured networks. Insight Discovery is an agentless network scanning add-on, that scans multiple networks for hosts and devices. The collected data is automatically imported into the Insight CMDB and makes it available in JIRA. Insight Discovery definitely fits in to our favorite add-ons for 2016.

Read more about Insight Discovery for JIRA

Be sure to also check out Addteq's JIRA add-on: Unstoppable, which allows the visually impaired to use JIRA seamlessly!

With 2016 being such a great year for JIRA add-ons, we are very eager for the future add-ons 2017 has to offer. Feel free to comment below to tell us your favorite JIRA add-ons of 2016.