Dynamic and Interactive

Looking for more capabilities than the standard Confluence table? Addteq’s Excellentable allows users to create dynamic and interactive spreadsheets directly in Confluence. Take advantage of familiar spreadsheet functionalities right within a Confluence browser.


Atlassian Confluence App that allows spreadsheets to be fully functional, dynamic, and interactive.

Save Time

Excellentable is a macro in Confluence. You don’t have to waste time toggling through applications, you can work on spreadsheets right in Confluence.

Easy Collaboration

Share your search with just a click of a button. You can instantly share your spreadsheet with other team members.

Knowledge Readiness

Excellentable is easy to use and similar to other spreadsheet applications. Team members will ramp up quickly with little or no training.


  • VersioningVersioning
  • Search capabilitiesSearch capabilities
  • Column and formattingColumn and formatting capabilities
  • Dynamic formulasDynamic formulas - Excellentable supports more than 450 mathematical functions
  • ImportImport .xlsx and .csv
  • ExportPDF Export
  • Drag and DropDrag and drop files to convert into Excellentable
  • Language PacksLanguage Packs available in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Mainland)
  • TemplatesTemplates such as invoice, expense, and budget spreadsheets
  • Open APIOpen API


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