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  1. Once a new Excellentable macro has been inserted, the following table appears on the confluence page.

    image2016-11-30 13:48:19.png

  2. The table inside the Excellentable macro is a like a excel sheet and supports following functions. 

    1. Insert Rows
    2. Remove Rows
    3. Insert Columns
    4. Remove Columns
    5. Align Cells
    6. Comment Cells
    7. Cut / Copy and Paste
    8. Group and Ungroup cells
    9. Import File
    10. Export File
    11. Insert Pictures
    12. Merge / Unmerge cells
    13. Text Formatting
    14. Undo & Redo
    15. Sort & Filter


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@addteq.com