How to align data

  1. Open the Excellentable in edit mode and go to "Format" Tab

    image2016-8-2 9:47:10.png

  2. Select the cell/cells to align in Left, Center or Right then click "Justify Select" drop down button

    image2016-8-2 9:51:54.png

    Left: Click Left Align button 

    image2016-8-2 9:53:59.png

    image2016-8-2 9:54:24.png

    Center: Click Center Align button

    image2016-8-2 9:55:44.png

    image2016-8-2 9:56:20.png

    Right: Click Right Align button

    image2016-8-2 9:57:43.png

  3. Select the cell/cells to align in Top, Middle or Bottom then click "Vertical Align" drop down button

    image2016-8-2 9:59:58.png

    Top: Click Top button
    image2016-8-2 10:1:33.png

    image2016-8-2 10:1:49.png

    Middle: Click Middle button

    image2016-8-2 10:3:33.png

    Bottom: Click Bottom button

    image2016-8-2 10:4:27.png

    image2016-8-2 10:4:58.png