How to create a Filter

  1. Open Excellentable in edit mode and go to the "Data" Tab.

    image2016-7-28 13:42:5.png

  2. Select the whole column or a range in which the Filter needs to be applied

    image2016-7-28 13:49:37.png

  3. Click the Filter Button and then the drop down button will be enabled on the first row, for each selected columns.

    image2016-7-28 14:7:32.png

  4. Click on the particular column's arrow button to apply the filter.

    image2016-7-28 15:40:31.png

  5. User can customize the filter by checking the desired values.

    image2016-7-28 15:42:54.png

    image2016-7-28 15:43:58.png

  6. User can even do partial filtering with the given value in search filed option

    image2016-7-28 15:47:51.png