How to group and ungroup

  1. Open the Excellentable in edit mode and go to "Data" Tab

    image2016-8-1 18:15:3.png

  2.  Select the rows or columns and click on group button to group them

    image2016-8-1 18:16:32.png

    Click on  ( - ) sign to group the values ( + ) to see them back 

    image2016-8-1 18:18:0.png

    image2016-8-1 18:18:17.png

    Grouping on columns

    image2016-8-1 18:19:19.png

    image2016-8-1 18:19:35.png

  3. To ungroup the cells select them and click ungroup button

    image2016-8-1 18:29:14.png