How to see previous versions

We are assuming that Excellentable has more than one saved version. For the example shown below, in the first version, we added text in cell A1 , in second version we added text in B3, in third version in C5 and in fourth version in D7.

Please note that a new version is created automatically once you "Save" an excellentable

image2016-9-26 15:29:55.png

image2016-9-26 15:30:23.png

To see the previous versions go to the edit mode of Excellentable. Click on the History button.

image2016-9-26 15:36:1.png

You can see all the previous saved versions of your Excellentable, as a list on the right side of the screen.

image2016-9-26 15:30:23.png

Clicking on the output in the list, will show the content that was saved for that particular version.

image2016-9-26 15:38:37.png

image2016-9-26 15:39:11.png

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