Installation Guide for Jira

Installation Steps

You can install Unstoppable via the Atlassian Marketplace. Administrators can find and install apps from Marketplace in the apps administration pages as follows: 

  • As a system administrator, navigate to the application's administration console and click "Add-ons".


  • Under Manage Add-on Section, click the "Find new add-ons" link.


  • Type "Unstoppable"  in the search box and hit "Enter"Click "Free Trial".


See also

After we have the plugin installed, next is to enable Unstoppable. This can be done with several methods. The first method is to enable the plugin using keyboard commands: Enable Unstoppable Add-On

The second method is to add users to an accessibility group to be granted permission to use the plugin. Users in this group will not have to use the keyboard shortcut. Refer to this document: Post Installation Steps to Create Group and Add User

A screen reader will need to be installed alongside Unstoppable. We recommend installing either NVDA or JAWS as the screen reader. You can install either JAWS or NVDA if you running on Windows.