A solution for the visually impaired that provides accessibility to Atlassian JIRA and Confluence.

Work faster

Unstoppable uses text-to-speech technology that reads out attributes to the user for them to take action. It allows the user to work more efficiently with JIRA and Confluence.

More control

Navigation is simple and easy with intuitive keyboard strokes. With JAWS shortcuts, users are able to take control of Unstoppable and able to pinpoint their actual task.

Seamless technology

Unstoppable is fully compatible with HTML5 Entities in JIRA .

Addteq provides you the power to be Unstoppable!

Addteq's Unstoppable solution allows visually impaired users to continue have full control of JIRA and Confluence. Using keyboard strokes, text-to-speech technology, and an updated interface - Unstoppable expands JIRA and Confluence accessibility.

Case Studies


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